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Pyrotechnic Heavens
    On this site you will find a wide variety of procedures for making pyrotechnics, explosives, rockets, smoke bombs, incendiary bombs, igniting devices, interesting chemical reactions and much more. In contrast to many other sites it contains only procedures that can be carried out at home. It doesn’t use complicated lab skills or equipment as for instance distillation. This lab also uses cheap chemicals available in common shops and drugstores. In the case one procedure is difficult to carry out but uses simple chemicals it has precedence over the more simple procedure that uses exotic chemicals. The same is with reactions yields. It is better to use cheap and available chemicals, although the yield is lower. Often more than one procedure is given. The site author also tested all the procedures described on this site. The author takes no responsibilities for eventual damage to persons or property.
    The site Pyrotechnical Heavens is the biggest site in Slovenian language about pyrotechnics and explosives.

    Although the site is in Slovenian language you can still send me an e-mail in English language. You can ask me about anything.
My e-mail is: pirotehnicni_raj@yahoo.com

The site contains the following chapters:

    Black Powder, Smokeless Powder (Nitrocellulose), Acetone Peroxide, HMTD, MEKP, Nitrogen Trichloride, Nitrogen Triiodide, Ammonium Nitrate, TNT, Picric acid, Potassium Picrate, Ammonium Picrate, Nitroglycerin, RDX, PETN, TACC, Lead Azide, Mercury Fulminate and Other mixtures of oxidants and fuels.

Smoke bombs:
    Potassium Nitrate + Sugar, Potassium Nitrate + Sugar + Wax, Ammonium Nitrate + Paper, Zinc + Sulphur, table tennis ball in tin foil.
Incendiary bombs:
    Napalm, Molotov, Termite.

    Rockets on chemical propulsion (standard rockets)
    Rockets on high-pressure air + water propulsion, complex physics theoretical model for the calculation of ideal amount of water in the rocket

Igniting devices:
    Fuses, Electrical ignition, Electronic timer, Detonators, Detonator amplifier

Simple scales:
    Construct a simple scales capable of weigh to one gram accuracy.

    Descriptions of chemicals used by this lab. Here you can find the specific products names that contain the necessary chemicals and the specific names of stores where you can find them. If the chemical is not available in common shops the procedure for its synthesis is given.

Interesting chemical reactions:
    Synthesis of Stinking Substances, Ignition with water, Machine for artificial fog, Laughing gas